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We are here to help you cheerfully and receive feedback gratefully. Feel free to contact us any time. We love hearing from our customers.

[email protected]

Email is best way to contact us.

We utilise Freshdesk to manage our emails, this means your questions will get routed to the right person. We have dedicated staffs monitoring the inbox so you will get a reply very quickly.

Leave a Message

There is a tab on the bottom right of every page allowing you to conveniently send us a message.

Live Chat

Whenever someone is online you will be able to chat to us by clicking on the ‘Live chat’ tab on the bottom right.

Where is our phone number?

In this time of uncertainty with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we have temporarily paused our phone support to allow our staffs to work from home.

Please use our support email [email protected] as we are monitoring it diligently.

Can I pickup my order?

Due to the current health advisory, we are temporarily not able to offer pickup from our St Peters warehouse.

For trade volumes or courier pickup, please speak to your account manager if your requirement changes during this period.