Each page is printed and carefully mounted onto rigid board to ensure a timeless masterpiece is created. All premium wedding albums offer a choice for quality covers, debossing and foiling.

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Eternalise your dream wedding

With our high quality wedding albums, each page is individually mounted onto high quality rigid board to open completely flat.

Every Oliphan wedding album is an elegant timepiece. Handcrafted with your special day in mind – all albums have multiple cover and paper options to choose from.

uncoated wedding album paper

Perfect paper for the perfect day

In partnership with the finest paper merchants, we have handpicked papers that guarantee the highest quality match for Oliphan’s cutting edge print technology.

This inclusive process allows us to produce high quality wedding albums. Each page put together to celebrate that one fine day.

  • Enjoy a smooth finish without finger marks or unwanted sheen. Oliphan Lustre is the perfect choice when you want the colours to pop in your wedding album.
  • Oliphan Egg Shell uncoated paper lets your colours sink in, with this unique treatment elevating your wedding album above the rest. This glorious mix of antique and modern methods has a texture that adds depth to your memories. This paper is ideal for rustic weddings.
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Choose a Premium Cover

Our wedding albums are available in three stunning cover variants.

Because your memories deserve the best.

  • Let your favourite image truly encapsulate your album with a completely customisable photographic cover. Oliphan covers are printed to the same quality as internal pages on all wedding albums.
  • Add the luxurious feel of genuine leather for your cover – soft to the touch and in a range of stylish colours. Oliphan selects from countless samples to choose only the finest leather to protect your precious images.
  • The modern look of linen has long suffered from a perception that it captures dirt easily. Not the case with Oliphan linen – woven with a special coating to eliminate scuffing or finger marks on each of our wedding albums. After all, perfect memories deserve perfect covers.
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