Each page on our premium layflat album opens completely flat with a custom printed hardcover. Because your memories deserve the best.

Truely lay flat photo books

Flat Out Beautiful

Oliphan's range of lay flat photo books has been designed to give each photograph the opportunity to shine.

Each page opening completely flat so that you can fully appreciate every captured moment and proudly share your memories with family and friends.

Premium Paper are used for Oliphan's lay flat photo books

Choose a Premium Paper

We have chosen papers that guarantee the highest quality match for cutting edge Oliphan print technology.

This method allows us to produce lay flat albums to standards never before seen in this market.

Read more of our selection of paper options below:

  • Enjoy a smooth finish without finger marks or unwanted sheen. Oliphan Lustre is the ideal choice for applying a traditional photographic finish to your lay flat photo books.

    A special coating is also applied to allow you to gently wipe off dust without damaging the printed images.

  • Oliphan Egg Shell uncoated paper allows your colours to sink in with this unique treatment elevating your lay flat albums to a beautiful new level.

    A mix of antique and modern methods with colours that are deeper and darker it is recommended for those wanting an artistic feel.

Multiple carefully selected photo book sizes to suit your needs

Choose a Size for your Lay Flat Album

Our lay flat photo books are available in four sizes. Two square and two landscape.

  • 297 x 210 (landscape)
  • 350 x 250 (landscape)
  • 210 x 210 (square)
  • 300 x 300 (square)

You can interchange between the sizes of the same orientation and order two different sizes of the same photobook without having to recreate your photo book again.

You can also use the same artwork to upgrade to our timeless flush mount albums

Oliphan only produces the highest quality photobooks

The Oliphan Quality Promise

A perfect photograph brings everything together in one magical moment and at Oliphan we strive to do the same applying the same care and attention to our lay flat photo books.

Because we are committed to ensuring you are 100% delighted with every product you receive you can contact us any time about any order.

After all your precious memories deserve nothing less.

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