About Us

Oliphan was created to help individuals and families preserve their photographic memories in beautiful, lasting ways.

Completely Australian owned and operated, Oliphan photo books and prints are a natural response to our increasingly busy lives. Our digital devices may be able to take hundreds of images, yet so often they hoard them away unseen. Meanwhile, pictures are shared on digital websites that are all about quantity and likes, not quality or love. At Oliphan, we believe in taking extra care and attention to bring your photographs to life – because your memories deserve it.

The name Oliphan derives from old French term Oliphant meaning ‘elephant’ – a nod to a simpler, more elegant time. Elephants – like humans – form a strong emotional bond with their herd. And of course, they are also famous for their exemplary ability to remember – a goal that every Oliphan product wants for its owner.

Allow Oliphan to craft your keepsake today.

Our Purpose

At Oliphan, we are custodians of your most precious memories. We do this by helping individuals and families preserve their photographic moments in beautiful, lasting ways. Why? Because we believe that life’s special moments are worth holding onto.

Helping our customers preserve beautiful memories is the reason for our existence.

Oliphan invokes the handcrafted methods of an earlier time and combines them with today’s premium quality printing technology. We seek to capture the golden glow of life’s little moments and special occasions – lovingly presenting them the way they were always meant to be seen.

We always aim to create true pieces to treasure – for those who value the power of everlasting memories and want the quality to match. Our approach uses only the finest papers, inks and printing techniques – treating your memories as if they were our own.